Infirmary Integrated

Infirmary Integrated is free and open-source software developed to advance healthcare education for medical and nursing professionals and students. Developed as in-depth, accurate, and accessible set of educational tools, Infirmary Integrated can meet the needs of clinical simulators in emergency, critical care, and many other medical and nursing specialties.


ARM Hardware Support

To accommodate recently released hardware based on the ARM64 architecture, Infirmary Integrated is now packaged and published with installers and binaries to run on this architecture. Packages for newly supported hardware include support for: Installers and binaries can be found on the “Download & Install” page and on the GitHub repository’s list of Releases.

V 2.5: Defibrillator Enhancements, Stability

Available for download on the Downloads page. This update is the culmination of many small enhancements and bugfixes implemented since version 2.4. While there is nothing newly groundbreaking, lots of fixes, implementations, and enhancements make version 2.5 a more realistic, stable, and effective simulator. Changes include: Defibrillator Enhancements General Enhancements Minor releases since version 2.4.0 …

V 2.4.5: Minor Update with Quality-of-Life Improvements

Available for download on the Downloads page. This minor update fixes several “quality of life” issues that improve the performance and responsiveness of Infirmary Integrated in certain edge cases, especially when making on-the-fly simulations and presentations. Specifically, waveform tracings now respond more robustly to rate changes made to vital signs, including: