Infirmary Integrated

Infirmary Integrated is free and open-source software developed to advance healthcare education for medical and nursing professionals and students. Developed as in-depth, accurate, and accessible set of educational tools, Infirmary Integrated can meet the needs of clinical simulators in emergency, critical care, and many other medical and nursing specialties.


V 2.4 Medication Administration Record (MAR)

Available for download on the Downloads page. This is the first release bringing Infirmary Integrated into simulating the electronic health record (EMR). This release includes a moderately-featured electronic Medication Administration Record (MAR) that can display drugs ordered and doses to be given in a layout familiar to anybody that has used an electronic MAR. Doses …

V 2.3 External Fetal Monitoring (Cardiotocography), Device Audio

Available for download on the Downloads page. This release has been years in the making, with work beginning on the External Fetal Monitoring (EFM, cardiotocography) simulator in 2020, but then being placed on the backburner due to the pandemic and to make way for cross-platform porting… it’s finally complete and stable! External Fetal Monitoring (EFM, …