Infirmary Integrated has the functionality to save and load simulation files. If you create a patient profile that you want to save for future simulations, simply save the file from the main menu. The .ii simulation file can be easily loaded and recreate the entire simulation.

Some pre-made simulation files are available here for use. Feel free to try them! If Infirmary Integrated was installed via the installer, you can open the file as you would any other document. If you are running Infirmary Integrated via a downloaded standalone .zip file, you can load the simulation from the main menu in the program.

August 5, 2022: Due to major changes in recent updates of Infirmary Integrated, simulation files made with previous versions of Infirmary Integrated (prior to version 2.3) will not work with current versions of Infirmary Integrated. As such, all old simulations were removed from this page. New simulations will be added when able.

Miles Walker“: COPD Exacerbation d/t Pneumonia

Content Level: Nursing curriculum, adult medical-surgical or higher

Scenario Basics: Pneumonia, acute respiratory failure on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; requires assessment, care planning, interventions (respiratory and pharmacologic), safety measures, and patient education.