V 2.2.3 QRS/QT Morphology, Temporal Smoothing, Bugfixes

Available for download on the Downloads page.

In this minor release, a few subtle but important changes and fixes were implemented:

QRS/QT Morphology

  • QRS interval and QTc interval is now adjustable under “Cardiac Profile”
  • As you would expect, on all ECG tracings on all simulation devices, the QRS and ST segments are now drawn to those set intervals
  • Allows for advanced simulation of narrow or wide complex morphologies, or abnormally elongated or shortened QTc pathology

Temporal Smoothing

  • Changes made to vital signs, etc. (to the underlying digital patient model) are now applied synchronously with the cardiac and respiratory cycles
  • Changing cardiac vital signs or rhythms no longer creates artifact or “ectopic”-appearing beats on ECG waveforms
  • Changing respiratory vital signs or rhythms no longer creates artifact as well


Some minor bugfixes were made to the Simulator interface for improved user experience. A bugfix was made to the Scenario Editor that fixed a feature-breaking bug. Specific details are in commit notes and issues logs.

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