Version 1.9.9 Cross-Platform Pre-Release

Available for download on the Downloads page.

This is a pre-release of the upcoming Infirmary Integrated 2.0. This means that the program is complete and is quite stable, but may be slightly buggy as the developer identifies and fixes small issues. The major update to Infirmary Integrated is cross-platform support for: Windows, Linux, and MacOS!

The entire program was re-written to support cross-platform functionality, which is quite a large undertaking. All major functionality from previous versions of Infirmary Integrated are available, including the Cardiac Monitor, Defibrillator, 12 Lead ECG, and the Intra-aortic Balloon Pump.

Some bugs or issues may exist that have not yet been noticed. If you notice any issues, feel free to leave a message for the developer!

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