Version 0.99.03: Advanced cardiac modeling (axis deviation, pulsus paradoxus and alternans)

Available for download now!

Continuing in beta testing and bug fixing while implementing new features.

Major implementations since last release (v0.97):

  • All personal data (usage statistics and statistics for patient mirroring) uploaded to server are anonymous, hashed with MD5
  • Cardiac axis deviation implemented: modeled normal, left physiologic, left pathologic, right, extreme, and indeterminate.
  • Pulsus paradoxus modeled and displays on waveforms and arterial blood pressure reading
  • Pulsus alternans modeled and displays on waveforms
  • Realism adjustments and dampening to waveforms based on intrathoracic pressure (respiratory rhythm, ventilation status)
  • Vital sign clamping for respiratory rhythms separate from cardiac rhythm vital sign clamping
  • Waveform variation implemented (for realism)
  • Localization strings all updated (for all 15 languages)

Beta testing bug fixes:

  • Fixed multiple Strip drawing bugs/issues including
    • Flatline delay on rhythm change
    • Forward (future) Strip buffer length to fix brady waveforms disappearing/failing to complete polygon
    • Remedied delayed changes of future Strip drawing (by dynamically changing forward Strip buffer according to updates on HR/RR)
  • Fixed multiple issues with pacemaker including
    • Pacemaker spikes spamming Strip when rate turned to 0 (“divide by 0” bug)
    • Pacemaker no longer turns on when switching modes (timer was reset/restarted bug)
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements:
    • Resetting switches/counters for cardiac aberrancy that were remaining on during rhythm changes
    • Numerics update at dynamic times based on every 2nd beat and breath
    • Drawing of pacer spikes fixed as actual spikes (not ramps)
    • Code styling for solution saved/tracked; CodeMaid cleaning up code.
    • Mirror accession key TextBox filtered for alphanumeric input (making it safe for SQL queries)
    • Mirror password TextBoxes changed to PasswordBox for password masking

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