Version 0.93: Intracranial and intra-abdominal pressures, realism and interface improvements.

Major features introduced in v0.93:

  • Intracranial pressure waveform and reading added
    • Increased ICP (range 15 – 25) progressively decreases compliance on waveform.
    • Cerebral perfusion pressure (calculated from arterial MAP) displayed on numeric reading
  • Intra-abdominal pressure waveform and reading added
    • Adjusts for intrathoracic pressure on waveform amplitude

Realism and interface updates and debugging:

  • Issues in waveform propagation and timing fixed (issues #20#16#15#14)
  • Waveform amplitude adjustable on DeviceMonitor via context menu
  • Miscellaneous debugging and logic fixes (issues #17#18)

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