Version 0.92: Realism updates, UI improvements, 15 languages!

Introducing new features added to Infirmary Integrated in version 0.92:

  • Realism and interface improvements made to Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP) simulator
    • Augmentation options added (percent augmented, augmentation alarm)
    • Assisted systole (decreased pressure prior to native systolic waveform)
    • Mean arterial pressure (MAP) accurately calculated on IABP
    • Diastolic pressures adjusted for realism
    • Control sizes and colors adjusted for ease of use
  • Realism improvements made to all devices and waveforms
    • Mean arterial pressure (MAP) realistically miscalculated on other devices when IABP active (since these devices don’t factor IABP functionality into their calculations)
    • Tracing timing adjusted between electrical vs. pressure tracings (electrical activity precedes mechanical activity by approx. 100-200 ms)
  • Full support for 15 languages
    • Amharic
    • Arabic
    • Chinese
    • Farsi
    • Hebrew
    • Hindi
  • Development and release improvements
    • Defibrillator device actively under development, possibly for next release
    • Development portions of program removed from release build
      • Release is fully functional- no clutter from development

See the screenshots and captions below for more information, and check out the Downloads page to get the new version!

Monitor advanced hemodynamics in the cardiac monitor- identify the anomalous parameters to determine the cause, such as this picture of right heart failure!
A side-by-side comparison of the cardiac monitor and intra-aortic balloon pump functioning simultaneously. Note the inaccurate MAP calculation of the bedside cardiac monitor, and the balloon pump factoring augmentation pressures into hemodynamic values.
Infirmary Integrated is localized into 15 languages that can easily be selected from the Settings menu, and can be changed on the fly!

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