12 Lead ECG! 7 Languages! Version 0.9

Major improvements done to Infirmary Integrated over the past few weeks are finally unveiled today with the release of version 0.9!

Major highlights include:
– 12 lead ECG simulator is fully functional.
– Full support for 7 languages has been implemented.
– Complete user interface re-write for a faster, cleaner look and experience.
– Groundwork for cross-platform compatibility is complete.

See the screenshots and captions below for more information, and check out the Downloads page to get the new version!

A screenshot of the 12-lead ECG simulator running. Can you tell the location of this simulated patient’s myocardial infarct based on the electrocardiogram?
A screenshot of Infirmerie Integree (Infirmary Integrated in French). Full support was added for 7 languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian. Though some spelling mistakes are still being ironed out, plans are for Infirmary Integrated to be usable around the world! Language options can be changed in the “Settings” menu.
While the entire user interface of Infirmary Integrated was re-written in order to run faster on all computers, the Cardiac Monitor also got a little bit of a new look!
The main screen for Infirmary Integrated got a new look with the user interface re-write. Future plans include implementing more devices including simulators for a defibrillator, a ventilator, a fetal heart monitor, and others! In the meantime, the buttons for these devices that aren’t yet implemented will remain grayed out.

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