Installation Security Warnings

Windows and MacOS (OSX) automatically identify the developer of Infirmary Integrated’s installer packages because the software is signed with a unique key- known as code signing- verified by an international authority ( Because of the open source nature of Infirmary Integrated, where anybody can browse the code it is made of, it is apparent that there is no malicious code embedded in the program. Similarly, virus and malware scanners like report no malicious software in Infirmary Integrated, by trusted sources like Microsoft, Kaspersky, McAfee, Malwarebytes, Symantec, Fortinet, etc.

Windows may still warn of possible security threats by installing Infirmary Integrated, as the developer has not subscribed to advanced- and rather expensive- extended code signing. Windows will still allow the user to install Infirmary Integrated with minimal difficulty.

MacOS (OSX) will likely prevent the user from opening Infirmary Integrated as the developer has not registered with Apple’s Developer Program- to run Infirmary Integrated, the user must right-click (double-finger-tap or control-click) and select “Open” to be given the option of bypassing the security warning.