Data Collection

Infirmary Integrated collects basic anonymized data to help guide decisions regarding development of the software and its target audience. All information about the user is anonymized before being transmitted across the internet. Anonymized data cannot be decrypted- it is used purely for statistics.

Anonymized data helps to identify potential languages to support in future releases and the use of Infirmary Integrated on different platforms (e.g. Windows, Linux, MacOS) and the different versions of Infirmary Integrated being run. Anonymized user information is used to determine how wide the userbase is (e.g. is one person running the program many times? Or are many people running the program one time? Are many people sticking with an old version of Infirmary Integrated and not updating?)

The total data collected include:

  • Date and time of running the program
  • Version of Infirmary Integrated
  • Operating system and version
  • Language that the user is running their computer in
  • Language being used for Infirmary Integrated
  • Country that the user’s IP address is located in
  • Anonymized (not encrypted, but actually permanently made anonymous!):
    • IP Address of the network device
    • MAC Address of the network device
    • Username that the user is logged into their computer as

Additionally, if Infirmary Integrated experiences an error and crashes, it attempts to collect the error message (and only the error message- no memory dumps are collected!) to guide the developer in fixing any problems in the software.

Below is a screenshot from Infirmary Integrated’s database of actual anonymized data from when the developer ran the program multiple times. As you can see, individual user data is hashed and unable to be decrypted.

This is an actual set of anonymized data collected when Infirmary Integrated was being run by the developer. Click the image to enlarge.

You can click here to view the source code where data is collected and sent to Infirmary Integrated’s server.