V 2.5: Defibrillator Enhancements, Stability

Available for download on the Downloads page.

This update is the culmination of many small enhancements and bugfixes implemented since version 2.4. While there is nothing newly groundbreaking, lots of fixes, implementations, and enhancements make version 2.5 a more realistic, stable, and effective simulator. Changes include:

Defibrillator Enhancements

  • Options to select maximum defibrillation energy and energy increments
    • Simulates Zoll (200 J) or LifePak (360 J)
    • Can increment at 10 J or 20 J such as to simulate institution preference/settings
  • Audio tones for “charging” and “charged” electricity states
    • Audio playback controlled by main window’s audio settings (on/off)
    • Audio options for defibrillator now include:
      • “Off”: device is muted
      • “Defibrillator”: only charging/charged tones will play
      • “Heart Rate/QRS” and “SpO2”: both charging/charged tones and QRS/SpO2 tones play
  • Color coded indicators for defibrillator state in Dark (colorful) color scheme
    • The “Defibrillator Settings” numeric entirely changes color based on defibrillator state
      • Charging: yellow; Charged: red
      • Analyzing rhythm: yellow-green
      • Pacing enabled: orange
      • All other discharged states return to light blue

General Enhancements

  • Numerous Avalonia UI (window manager) package updates merged into this build version
    • Includes numerous bugfixes for compatibility and functionality across supported operating systems
    • Should help with program speed and stability on all platforms

Minor releases since version 2.4.0 include:

  • Minor update 2.4.1: bugfixes
    • This update fixes several minor bugs
    • The biggest fix in this update is the ability to open an .ii simulation file by double-clicking on it from the desktop, launching the program directly into the simulation file.
  • Minor update 2.4.4: Signing Doses w/ MAR & Bugfixes
    • This update includes the ability to sign off doses of medications on the MAR and add comments
    • This update also includes the ability to edit comments and sign off via the Scenario Editor
    • This update fixes several additional bugs, including a functionality-breaking bug
      • On opening Infirmary with an update available, the program sometimes hangs or crashes- this fixes that problem
  • Minor update 2.4.5: QOL Improvements
    • This update fixes several quality-of-life issues improving Tracing responsiveness during vital sign changes
      • Including more responsive Tracings when loading files
    • ECG lead labels are now properly aligned to top-left for realism

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