V 2.4.4: Functionality-Breaking Bug Fixed

This past week, a functionality-breaking bug was found and fixed in Infirmary Integrated. This bug does not pose any security risk. The bug occurred when a new update was made available for Infirmary and the program attempted to notify the user of the update- instead, the program experienced a “soft” crash and just stopped working. The bug only occurred if Infirmary detected a new update was available. Since the “update available” startup routine is rarely tested by the developers, this bug went unnoticed for some time and likely has been an annoyance.

The bug was partially fixed in v 2.4.3 by allowing Infirmary to finish loading and skipping the update notification.

The bug has been completely fixed in v 2.4.4 and the update notification has been fixed as well.

Updating to the latest version 2.4.4 will resolve this issue- along with giving you access to new features in the latest version of Infirmary!

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