V 2.4 Medication Administration Record (MAR)

Available for download on the Downloads page.

This is the first release bringing Infirmary Integrated into simulating the electronic health record (EMR). This release includes a moderately-featured electronic Medication Administration Record (MAR) that can display drugs ordered and doses to be given in a layout familiar to anybody that has used an electronic MAR. Doses are plotted on a time-grid and you can navigate forward and backwards in time to see future or past doses. This release also includes the ability to add patient demographic information, so patient identifiers are displayed on the MAR to allow students to complete all the rights of drug administration.

Major features with this release:

  • Add simulated patient demographics and drug orders in the Infirmary Integrated Scenario Editor
  • View and navigate the MAR in the Infirmary Integrated Simulator by loading a simulation file with the relevant data
  • In the Scenario Editor, each Step can have a different date/time set, so simulations can progress over time
  • Drug and dose data includes: drug, dose, units, route, frequency (prn, once, repeat), priority (routine, now, stat)
  • Administration and Indication fields can receive free-text: can enter hold parameters (“hold for SBP < 100”) or infusion instructions (“infuse over 60 minutes”)
  • Color coding: past-due doses (> 1 hour in the past per simulated time) are marked in red, scheduled doses marked in blue, prn doses marked in green
  • Automatic sorting of drug orders: scheduled doses present first, prn orders underneath, and all drugs are sorted alphabetically by name

Features that are not implemented, but are planned for future releases include:

  • Signing off drug doses after administering them
  • Marking past doses as being given or not given in the Scenario Editor

Minor update 2.4.1

  • This update fixes several minor bugs
  • The biggest fix in this update is the ability to open an .ii simulation file by double-clicking on it from the desktop, launching the program directly into the simulation file.

Minor update 2.4.4

  • This update includes the ability to sign off doses of medications on the MAR and add comments
    • This update also includes the ability to edit comments and sign off via the Scenario Editor
  • This update fixes several additional bugs, including a functionality-breaking bug
    • On opening Infirmary with an update available, the program sometimes hangs or crashes- this fixes that problem

A simulated MAR with sample (fake) patient identifiers for students to complete the rights of drug administration:

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