Version A.0.8: Cross-platform Port (Preview)

Available for download on the Downloads page.

This is a preview release of upcoming major changes to Infirmary Integrated, including:

Cross-platform support for: Windows, Linux, and MacOS!

Infirmary Integrated is being ported from the Windows WPF interface built on .NET Framework to the Avalonia interface built on .NET 3.0. With this major rewrite comes the ability to run Infirmary Integrated on all platforms supported by Avalonia, including Windows, Linux, and MacOS!

The rewrite is not complete. This preview version is a pre-release and has limited functionality. Currently, only the Cardiac Monitor is functional- the remaining devices are still being ported. Additionally, some bugs or issues may exist that have not yet been noticed. If you notice any issues, feel free to leave a message for the developer!

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