Version 1.3 Major UI Improvements, Clinical Realism, Performance Improvements

Available for download on the Downloads page.

Lots of additions and improvements in version 1.3, mainly focusing on improvements to the user interface, improvements in clinical realism, bug fixes, and massive program performance improvements.

User Interface Improvements

  • Auto-Apply feature is now implemented; it is a check-box right above the “Apply Parameters” button. If selected, will automatically apply changes made in the Patient Editor (e.g. changes to vital signs) once they are changed and you press “enter” or leave the entry box
  • A stripe runs as a column along the right side of the Patient Editor indicating whether you have unapplied changes, whether changes are applied, or whether you are in auto-apply mode.
    • Orange: Auto-Apply is active
    • Green: All changes have been applied (by pressing “Apply Parameters”)
    • Red: There are unapplied changes; press “Apply Paramaters” to apply.
  • Your setting for whether Auto-Apply is enabled will persist even when you close and reopen Infirmary Integrated
  • Infirmary Integrated now retains window size and position when closed and reopened
    • Allows your optimally organized workspace to persist between sessions.
  • Infirmary Integrated now offers a prompt to optionally automatically download and install updates
  • Ability to print the Device screen to the printer (e.g. print the 12 Lead ECG from your printer!)
  • Added this option to all Devices: Cardiac Monitor, 12 Lead ECG, Defibrillator, Intra-aortic Balloon Pump
  • Ability to save the Device screen to a .pdf file (e.g. save an ECG and add it to a presentation!)
  • Added this option to all Devices: Cardiac Monitor, 12 Lead ECG, Defibrillator, Intra-aortic Balloon Pump
  • Localization data for all languages updated with all new additions

Clinical Realism

  • Auto-scaling is now implemented for scaled pressure waveforms, and defaults to Auto (on) for Arterial Blood Pressures (ABP) waveforms.
  • Auto-scaling re-adjusts the scale every 10 beats to scale the waveform’s amplitude to maximize the user’s view of the waveform, while still indicating whether the waveform is dampened/flat or has a low pulse pressure.
  • Two scaling modes exist: Auto and Fixed. Auto will readjust the scale every 10 beats, and fixed will not readjust. Arterial lines default to Auto, and Pulmonary Arterial lines default to Fixed (e.g. for floating PA catheters)
    • Auto-scaling can be toggled on and off by right-clicking on the tracing, and selecting “Toggle Auto Scaling”
  • 12 Lead ECG color scheme and grid background implemented
  • Can display in light mode (black tracing on white “paper”) or dark mode (green tracing on black screen)
  • Can enable “Show Grid” to show the traditional pink grid with the tracing for measurements (25 mm/sec, 10 mm/mV)
  • Implemented new cardiac rhythms: CPR Artifact

Miscellaneous Improvements

  • Scenario Editor now accepts dropping of files onto screen for quicker loading
  • Anonymous data collection now collects user’s country, user’s OS-installed language, and the language Infirmary Integrated is being run under
  • Used to help guide development in deciding whether more languages should be added!

Performance Improvements: Major improvements with speed and performance (warning: technical details included below)

  • Minor drawing routine optimization by removing unnecessary points for drawing
  • Moderate memory optimization by modifying array of points more efficiently and only intermittently
  • Major memory and CPU optimization by unsubscribing old events after Devices are closed
  • Proper garbage collection of memory resources allowing for less memory waste when Infirmary Integrated is open longer
  • Major performance improvement by drawing tracings to bitmaps in memory, and displaying the bitmaps on screen
  • Adding the bitmap as a middle-man utilizes much faster drawing routines than drawing directly to the screen
  • Lots of source code refactoring for platform-independence to prepare for potential OS ports (Linux, MacOS)

Bug Fixes

  • Pressure waveform scaling didn’t always resize as desired; this small mathematical error was fixed
  • Miscellaneous log error checking
  • Scenario editor resizing and overdrawing issue fixed
A sample screenshot of a 12 lead ECG .pdf of normal sinus rhythm
A screenshot of pressure waveform auto-scaling and corresponding pressures

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