Version 1.2: Clinical Realism Improvements, Optimizations

Available for download on the Downloads page.

Lots of improvements in this release, mainly improvements to clinical realism and optimizations across all simulated devices (cardiac monitor, defibrillator, intra-aortic balloon pump, and 12 lead ECG were all improved), with a few bugfixes and some polish as well. The highlights include:

  • All non-ECG (and some ECG) waveform tracings’ visual resolution and drawing were improved significantly, resulting in many of the waveforms being more clinically accurate. Notches, drop-offs, and step-ups on waveforms are significantly better. Most notable in SpO2, ETCO2, ABP, CVP, PA (RA, RV, PA, and PCW), IABP, pacemaker spikes (transcutaneous), and defibrillation waveform.
  • Fixed pressure scaling of waveforms for ABP and PA tracings to correlate realistically to actual pressures
    • Arterial line tracings scaled at 0 to 200 mmHg, and PA tracings scaled at -10 to 50 mmHg
    • Auto-scaling planned for implementation in a future release
  • Waveform timing was also improved regarding electromechanical delay compared between ECG and pressure waveforms.
  • Timing also improved compared between the IABP to ABP waveforms as well; proper inflation and deflation at all heart rates.
  • 12 Lead ECG marquee scrolling fixed for smooth transitioning from lead to lead
    • Displays as one waveform scrolling right to left, showing different views as it crosses into each lead’s region
  • Major CPU optimization made in drawing routines, most notably improving the speed and scroll quality of the 12 lead ECG (since it has the most tracings), but also optimizing all devices.
  • Miscellaneous bugs found and fixed, mostly regarding waveform tracings.
    • 12 Lead ECG timing fixed: was previously a 12 second (4 x 3) page, is now standard 10 second (4 x 2.5) page
  • Server-side security improvements (for anonymous data collection and mirroring functionality)
    • Infirmary now accesses its database via PHP web server, adding additional security authentication
      • Note: Server functions (e.g. mirroring) will no longer work with older versions of Infirmary (< 1.2)!

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    I need to source a PC windows as we only have macs here in the uk. PulseMedic our handle nurses like you ?? lets collaborate

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