Version 1.1: Scenarios and the Scenario Editor

Available for download now at the Downloads page.

This release really expands Infirmary Integrated’s functionality as a simulator with the ability to play scenarios. Scenarios are patient simulations that can progress and change as you go step by step through the scenario. For example, a scenario could have a patient progress from being mildly unstable to drastically critical, or can progress from a lethal cardiac rhythm to stable rhythm if the proper intervention is chosen.

Creating scenarios is also simple with the new Scenario Editor that is included with Infirmary Integrated. Using the Scenario Editor, you can create scenarios using the visual designer that acts like a flowchart. It is simple to create steps for the scenario, plugging in what you want the patient’s parameters to be, and then add progressions from one step to the other, including optional progressions that can change the course of the scenario.

The possibilities are limitless with Infirmary Integrated and its included Scenario Editor. For example, scenarios could be easily created and played to simulate teaching points for critical care classes, and could be used as adjunct teaching aids for the American Heart Associations’s (AHA) courses including Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS).

Additionally, freely available scenarios will be available for download at Infirmary Integrated’s website, located at and some are posted below.

A scenario simulating the Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Practice Case 1 by the American Heart Association (Instructor Manual, page 71) opened in the Infirmary Integrated Scenario Editor. Severe asthma attack, refractory to epinephrine administration, oxygen administration ineffective, no intervention leads to circulatory arrest; establishing advanced airway leads to hemodynamic recovery.

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