Version 1.0: Full Release; More Cardiac and Respiratory Rhythms Implemented´╗┐

Available for download now at Downloads page.

Major changes since last release (v 0.99.03):

  • Implemented the following respiratory rhythms:
    • Agonal
    • Apneustic
    • Ataxic
    • Biot
    • Cheyne-Stokes
  • Implemented the following cardiac rhythms:
    • Sick Sinus Syndrome
    • Sinus Arrhythmia (non-pathologic)
    • Sinus Rhythm with Sinus Arrest
  • Numerics (ECG/SpO2/RR/ETCO) measure HR/RR as average of recent beats/breaths
    • Accurately reflects HR for sick sinus, sinus arrhythmia, etc.
    • Lag time realistic (ECG: average of 8 seconds, RR: 16 seconds)
  • Implemented timer for realistic delay on defibrillator charging and IABP priming
  • Updated IABP user interface: dynamic text colors on display for enhanced status indication
  • Source code: Improved comments for some II_Core class files
  • Localization updated
  • Security improvement: MD5 hashing algorithm replaced with SHA-2

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