Version 0.97: Patient Parameter Mirroring (Broadcasting)

Available for download!

Version 0.97 includes the ability to mirror (broadcast) the simulated patient’s parameters utilizing a “server and client” method. For example, an instructor (the host), can create a simulated patient on one computer, and set up multiple computers (or students logging in remotely) to mirror the broadcast data in real-time!

Continuing on the security features added in previous releases, portions of data transmitted over the Internet are encrypted and, specifically, passwords are not transmitted or stored in raw form; Infirmary uses industry standard the MD5 hashing algorithm for passwords.

And to use Infirmary without broadcasting, simply select “Inactive” (which is the default mode anyway!).

A screenshot of the portion of Infirmary Integrated that allows for broadcasting/mirroring of simulated patient parameters, such as broadcasting from an instructor’s computer to multiple simulation stations or students’ computers.

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