Version 0.95: Defibrillation, Cardioversion, and Transcutaneous Pacemaking!

Available for download!

Major changes since last release (v0.93):

  • Defibrillator functionality: defibrillation, cardioversion, and transcutaneous pacemaker implemented
    • Can defibrillate and cardiovert with regular sequence (select function, change energy, charge, shock)
    • Transcutaneous pacemaker functional: select energy and rate, will pace if it meets patient’s capture threshold
      • Patient’s capture threshold adjustable in Patient Editor
  • Realism updates
    • Waveform modeling (e.g. CVP) with both atrial and ventricular components now draw both portions dependent on rhythm
  • Localization strings updated.
  • Server functionality implemented:
    • Automatically checks for updates to Infirmary, notifies if update available
    • Basic data collection for usage statistics (Infirmary version, date/time, username, IP address, MAC address)
    • Exceptions (handled program crashes) updated to server for debugging purposes
  • Debugged implementation of:
    • Save()/Load() functionality, all pertinent data passed through and processed
    • Error handling and exception handling strengthened

Next steps before release: beta testing and minor interface updates/debugging.

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